Equilibrium No.8 – Boundaries, 2012 & 2014
Isaac Chong Wai
Performance, Charcoal on Paper
300 x 700cm
Photos by Camila Blake and Aleks Slota

Isaac Chong Wai Performance, paper, charcoal The body extensions which generate traces and symmetrical balance unconsciously create a dialogue with one another by means of body language. The movement of the arms creates boundaries in geometrical forms and explores the human form and the boundaries among people. We were quiet and paying attention to draw the area that we could reach, meanwhile, we were listening to the combined sound made by the drawings. With the movements and the instructions that the artist gave, a record of our bodies was marked. This performance was done on a large-sized paper and the location of each performer was determined by the artist. In this sense, the form of the human shape was lightly deconstructed by the overlapping drawings. The instruction: the artist counts from 1 to 5, then all participants start drawing. There is no limit of time; however, the only limit is the material, the charcoals. Once the charcoals cannot be used anymore, participants should stop drawing. The artist listens, when there is no longer any sound of drawing, he counts again 5 times and then everyone leaves.