Falling Exercise, 2016
Isaac Chong Wai
Performance at Faith and Terror – Performance Art Festival curated by Bernhard Draz, Anne Hoelck, Tristan Duschamps in Berlin
HD loop: 3:06 min and Photo Edition
Photo: Viktoria Nowicky

The performers fall on the ground all at the same time. When everyone is lying on the ground, the ones who are below other bodies leave the performance area slowly. Meanwhile, the ones who are lying on other bodies have to hold and keep the postures that they are having (imagining that they are lying the on invisible bodies). When they are not able to hold the postures anymore, they leave gradually until no performers are in the performance area. 

Naomi Bazini, Stefanie Beyer, Adam Bratko, Isaac Chong Wai, Charlotte Draycott,Julia Falero Morente, Janna Gockel, Felix Haas, Anne Hoelck, Samuel Jung, Ophélie Le Hiress, Rositsa Mahdi, India Roper-Evans, Han Tang, Heiko-Thandeka Ncube, Nikita Volkov, Ada Kai-Ting Yang, Xiaopeng Zhou