Flakturm and the White Flag, 2016
Isaac Chong Wai
Print on fabric
200 x 134cm.

The Flakturm is a historical architecture built by the Nazis during the Second World War in Vienna as a bunker. After the war, the city is not able to destroy the building. The reason is if they destroy the building, they will have to destroy also the surroundings. Thinking of the weight of history, the weight of the bunker and the weight of the white flag, I have been thinking about the messages of a white flag which is not positing at the position it “should be at”. Is it a flag which is ready to go up? Or a flag which goes down from the past? What does exactly a white flag covers physically and metaphysically, politically and socially? What exactly do we get from the history when we look at contemporary society with our political, social and cultural struggles?