I am not Changing the Color of History - the Sarajevo White Roses, 2014
Isaac Chong Wai
Video Documentation
The Latin Bridge, Sarajevo, Bosnia

Inspired by the Sarajevo Rose Monument which filled concrete scars all over the city caused by mortar’s shell by red resin, I performed “I am not changing the color of history – The Sarajevo White Roses” in 2014 during the First World War Centenary.

Walking through Sarajevo, I see occasionally red color fixed on ground which will never be evaporated; this frozen color preserves and reveals simultaneously what happened in the past as a memorial, so to speak, a “red memory” penetrating in people’s mind in order not to forget. The commeoration of the wars is then enacted by means of the perception of the color and the representation of flower.

I bought 100 red roses in Sarajevo and I walked to the Latin bridge (At the end of the bridge, Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated by Gavrilo Princip) where the First World War started and where is now a monumental architecture of the war as a touristic site. I started painting roses from red to white, talking to people who passed by and asking if they would like to paint with me. In the end, 100 roses were painted in white and I put them along the bridge; they stayed there.