Isaac Chong_I Dated a Guy in Buchenwald_Framed_HR 2.jpg

I Dated a Guy in Buchenwald, 2013
Isaac Chong Wai
Buchenwald, Weimar, Germany
Text on paper, wooden frame, caption
Framed size: 30.2 x 26.2 x 2.7cm

I dated a guy in Buchenwald. We met on Grindr and decided to visit Buchenwald together. It was strange that two gay guys visiting a concentration camp where homosexuals were persecuted and executed. While walking in the camp, I kissed him and told him: "People could't do this in the past." Later, I asked him to write me anything about that day, and he sent me:

'I had lost faith in man kind. One day, I decided to go to Buchenwald with this guy and once inside the camp, he kissed me and helped me find the oak tree. Then I knew there was hope for I had just experienced human warmth where I least expected to. – François.’

In this work, I show the text written by François on paper with wooden frame in the color that he likes: deep brown, and the caption of the work.