In varietate concordia, 2018
Isaac Chong Wai
28 Flags of the countries in the EU in 2018, Epoxy Resin
Each piece: 27 x 20 x 8 cm
Installation Size: 140 x 300 cm
Courtesy of Burger Collection

In varietate concordia" is an installation made of 28 bricks, which is named after the motto of the European Union, "United in diversity", idiosyncratically illustrated. Each brick holds one of the flags of the current members in the EU, folded on edge and hermetically sealed in artificial resin. The supranationality of the EU finds its culmination in one accompanying cacophonic sound, consisting of 28 overlapping national anthems. The work that was created especially for the exhibition at Kunstraum, illustrates the dilemma of a halting structure that exists between a culture diversity and egalitarianism oscillate.

Text written by Nina Holm