International Waters, 2017
Isaac Chong Wai
Mirror, Paint, Light and Text on Paper Mänttä, Finland
361 x 151cm

It is a drawing of the map of international waters, or high seas on numbers of mirrors. The map is painted in black and the border indicates the Exclusive Economic Zone that is the reason why it looks like the world map that we are familiar with but not exactly. I was thinking a lot about the idea of having border in the sea while water moves - how we make an abstract line and say we own the water while there is always ocean current. I find the abstract idea of the line in the sea interesting and I then made a rather "abstract" drawing on the mirror. International waters, or the freedom of the sea is a very beautiful idea that it is a no man's land and everyone can do somehow anything there. But, to look at the crime which takes place in the international sea is also horrific. The sea is then like a utopia and a dystopia at the same time.