Neue Wache (English: The New Guard), 2015
Isaac Chong Wai
HD Video 10:52min with frame
Maxim Gorki Theater, Neue Wache, Berlin

I participated The Imaginary Bauhaus Museum at the 2nd Berliner Herbstsalonthe at the Maxim Goriki Theater where is located the Neue Wache. I used my breath trying to blur the window. While I was giving breath, a mark was left on the window.

Neue Wache was originally built as a guardhouse for the troop of the crown prince of Prussia. Since 1931, the building has been a memorial site for war. Throughout history, the building was used to commemorate different victims with respect to different political perspectives, from the Kingdom of Prussia, to Weimar Republic, to Nazi Germany (Third Reich), to GDR, and to the Reunification of Germany, who are the victims and perpetrators to remember at NeueWache? Looking at the back of the building Neue Wache, which was originally used to guard to the city, from a window behind at the Maxim Gorki Theater, the image of Neue Wache is “covered” and “painted” in this work. The breath which covers the window is made by video special effect for which I use the pictures of my breath during the performance. In real life, we won’t be able to see this view – the window is covered by the breath, but in the video the work create a picture that reality can never reach – a blurred memorial by human breath. I was interested in the idea of how the memory was artificially presented in a form of architecture and where is actually the human breath?