One Sound of the Futures, 2016
Isaac Chong Wai
3 Channel Video, HD loop: 7:13 min
Photo Edition, Acrylic glass on photo prints
Performance at Kai Tak Runway Park in Hong Kong, Democracy Square in Gwangju in South Korea, K11 Artist Village in Wuhan in China at the 5th Large-Scale Public Media Arts Exhibition - “Human Vibrations” curated by Caroline Ha Thuc

“One Sound of the Futures” is a performance involving people from Hong Kong, South Korea and Wuhan in China. Standing like living sculptures, the participants were asked to simultaneously formulate the sound of the futures from Kai Tak Runway Park in Hong Kong, Democracy Square in Gwangju and from K11 Artist Village in Wuhan. Lined up in a stringent formation they expressed how they imagined their own and personal future. By mixing all these different voices of the futures, diverse times interwove to become a unique moment when the time that has not yet come is addressed. This ultimate, intangible time resounded in a spoken yet indefinable noise created by hundreds of individual voices heard from different cities and countries.

Presented by: Hong Kong Arts Development Council
Organizer: Hong Kong Arts Development Council
Venue Partners: K11 Art Foundation, Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Hong Kong & Wuhan K11 Artist Village
Exhibition Partners: Burger Collection & Gwangju Cultural Foundation