Painting a Moon on Viehauktionshalle, 2014
Isaac Chong Wai
Light, Mirror 196 x 78cm, HD 16:12min, Text
Viehauktionshalle, Weimar, Germany

“Painting a moon on the Viehauktionshalle” is a site-specific work in which I paint on a mirror and leave a circle surface to project a moon-shaped reflection on the building. Viehauktionshalle, where people were held before going to Buchenwald, a concentration camp, becomes a blocked building in Weimar where no one can enter. During the exhibition period, the mirror was intentionally broken by stranger(s) at night during a storm. In the night of the exhibition, I decided to use a spotlight to put light on the broken mirror. Thus, the cracks of the mirror were shown at the back of the building. In this coincidence, the “broken moon” was somehow showing people what a moon is looking like here in this place. The architecture was burnt down by accidence in 2015.

Description of the Project ”Illuminate the Darkness”:

The Viehauktionshalle in Weimar, Germany was originally constructed as a cattle auction hall and was later used as a temporary holding place for people who were being sent to the Buchenwald concentration camp. Currently, the building is blocked so that nobody can access it. The outside of the building is dark, used by people who drink there at night and the ground is filled with pieces of broken glass bottles and garbage. To preserve its history, this building has recently been designated as a historic landmark. Although many people visit touristic spots in the city of Weimar and the Buchenwald concentration camp, this building is isolated from these popular places. In this context, how can we comprehend this historical site that has been abandoned but also coexists in the daily life of the people in Weimar? How can we re-interpret this site in the ‘present’ so that we can find a way to embrace it as a prospect of our communal future? In the project ‘Illuminate the Darkness’, we aim to reconsider this historical site, along with its dark and heavy stories, and illuminate the space through our artistic interventions.