“Is the World Your Friend?”
Isaac Chong Wai Solo Exhibition at Blindspot Gallery
29 Jan - 9 Mar 2019

Opening Reception
26.1.2019,  Saturday, 4 – 6:30pm
Live performance will take place at 4:30 – 5:00pm.

Isaac Chong Wai’s solo exhibition “Is the World Your Friend?” begins with the artist’s personal experience of being attacked by a stranger on the street in 2015 in Berlin, the city he lives in. With performance at the heart of his practice, the artist meditates on how his actions could mediate trauma, intervene in violence, and even exercise reconciliation. The projects presented are made between 2013 and 2019, and address the themes of incarceration, victimisation, border, migration, oppression, and politics of space. “Is the World Your Friend?” is at once a rethinking of intangible relationality, a distillation of invisible violence, and an open-ended question that yields inconvenient responses.

Blindspot Gallery
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