The Silent Wall, 2014
Isaac Chong Wai
HD 10:52min in loop

received Hong Kong Human Rights Art Prize First Runner Up Award in 2017 and Bauhaus Essentials Award in 2014

I was in Sarajevo and I saw bullet holes everywhere in the city. I wondered what attitude we should have towards these wounds from the war. I asked many locals most of whom told me “It is not a taboo of our city. Since we live here, we don’t pay attention to these holes. They are part of our city.” Dealing with the wounds on walls, I would not add or remove anything from the walls inasmuch as the holes, certainly, are the memorial itself of a brutal history. By then, I decided to use performance as a medium to approach the untouchable memories. During a trip in Sarajevo, I found walls with bullet holes in different areas. I touched and covered the holes of each wall on the street; in the video, I slightly turned down the volume of the sound until it became silent.